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In the case of the people’s power, former prosecutor Yun So-gyeol recently officially declared that he would run for the presidential election on the 29th during the X-Files debate, but it seems that both sides were affected by the bargaining over whether to join the party. In the case of the Democratic Party, issues related to the postponement of the presidential primary election, which has been controversial for a long time, have been settled. Candidates and Jae Myeong have announced that they will be unified by the 5th, and the atmosphere of the primary election is rising. However, several candidates rebelled, and internal conflicts became fierce, such as overturning the offer of a national interviewer from lawyer Kim Kyung-ryul, the author of “Cho Kuk’s time,” to former lawmaker Yu In-tae. It seems that it acted as an obstacle. As a result of a poll conducted by the polling agency Realmeter at the request of YTN, the people’s approval rating for power fell 0.3 points from the previous week to 37.7%, and the Democratic Party fell 0.1 points to 29.6%. Both the power of the people and the Democratic Party showed weakness, falling below 30% for the fifth straight week. The gap between the two parties was 8.1 points, which was out of the margin of error. People’s power is Incheon / Gyeonggi (3.1 points ↑) and Hunan area (3.1 points ↑), women (1.1 points ↑), 60s (2.7% points ↑), clerical workers (3.6 points ↑), housewives (2.5 points ↑) However, Seoul (4.5 points ↓), Zhongqing (3.6 points ↓), PK (3.1 points ↓), men (1.9 points ↓), and 50s (2.7 points ↓) fell. Democratic Party increased in Zhongqing area (6.9 points ↑), Seoul (1.9 points ↑), men (2.7 points ↑), 40s (5.0 points ↑), progress (1.9 points ↑), self-employed (2.5 points ↑), etc. However, in the Hunan area (3.9 points ↓) and TK (3.1 points ↓), women (2.9 points ↓), 20s (4.9 points ↓), 60s (2.7 points ↓), students (5.4 points ↓), etc. It has fallen. In Seoul, where the by-elections were held, the people’s power and the Democratic Party’s approval rating were 37.0% and 30.7%, respectively, showing a difference of 6.3 points outside the margin of error. However, the disparity in approval ratings between the two parties narrowed from the previous week (12.7 points). The People Party recorded a 0.4 point drop of 6.7% over the same period, and the Open Democratic Party also recorded a 0.7 point drop of 5.9%. The Justice Party fell 1.1 points to 3.2%.