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Former Secretary Chu said on Facebook that “If you ask a Japanese detective to verify and evaluate An Jung-geun, you would say he is a terrorist.” It seems that he expressed dissatisfaction with the inclusion of former Supreme Commissioner Kim Hye Yeon (Kim Hai Yeon) as an interviewer for the Democratic Party’s primary election “National Interview”. Former Secretary Chu said, “When the media and the opposition attacked the unavoidable prosecution reform as’Chuyun conflict’, they both agreed with the Chuyun conflict through the media and broadcasting, rather than helping the reform.” He then said, “When it became clear that the prosecution reform as the Minister of Justice, who had abandoned even the general election and served to save the party, was finally right, the stage of public ridicule in this way. Do you even feel contempt? ” Former Secretary Chu said, “Some of the parties have fallen into the frame of” Chuyun Conflict “because of the concerns they have made so far, such as” falling into the river of their homeland, laying backwaters and not being able to elect. ” Said. “The more fear we have, the less legitimate the Democratic Party will be, and the greater the fear that supporters will confront each other and struggle in the swamp of anti-reform.” Former Secretary Chu said, “I thought it was reasonable for me, who had served as the party’s representative to cooperate with the procedures set by the party, apart from my advantages and disadvantages.” No. The party should correct the injustice of the verification team composition. ” He added, “In addition, my investigation command has begun to reveal the barbarism of President Yoon Seok-youul (Yoon Seok-you) one by one.” It was a battle between truth and falsehood. “