How to play IMVU game smoothly?

Initially entering IMVU mobile game, its role creation interface will give a kind of fun atmosphere. The funny and exaggerated Q-version 3D characters create a relaxed and pleasant environment for the game. Although the official positioning of IMVU is simulation mobile game, in fact, the game is subdivided into elements of creation, exploration, adventure and simulation in the virtual world.

If you’re a newcomer to simulation games, it may be difficult to get started with an unguided simulation game like My World. The same simulation game, IMVU, is driven by a simple and interesting story. The core of the whole game is mainly around acquiring materials, and building all kinds of household goods, relationship with your friends and so on. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a basic wooden sword and a hoe to collect all kinds of materials. In the whole 2D horizontal interface, the vast majority of the land can be touched and cut, and even can be “isolated” to dig materials. If you have a bigger brain hole, you can also dig materials and make some designs full of artistic flavor.

In the process of making all kinds of props in the cabin, you will be constantly disturbed by the surrounding non-friendly neighborhood. If there is no tower defense facilities such as crossbows designed on the cabin, they will come unasked. Your non-friendly neighborhood on the map will drop all kinds of equipment and special “devil’s eggs”. If hatched, you can get a pet, which will help kill the enemy threatening the protagonist’s safety. Feeding can also improve the speed of pet upgrade. Of course, the protagonist can also make a certain strength of equipment through the synthesis system, slamming the magic.

The badge is a more creative system, as long as it is hung on the wall of the cabin, you can call out the aides of the corresponding text description on the badge. Some badges can be used as a powerful assistant for the protagonist when he chops magic objects, some can help you relieve the pressure of collecting materials, and some can let you buy a pen for livestock. If these helpers summoned with badges are seriously injured by magic objects, they can still be resurrected by consuming gaming currency. If you want to keep your gaming currency at a high amount level, you’d better try IMVU credits hack. It will make sure you will always have enough currency all the time.

In addition, as long as you build a certain number of livestock barns, you can go to any area on the map to catch livestock and throw them into the corresponding pens. The action of these livestock picked up by the protagonist is also very funny and interesting. In the upper right of the mobile screen, there are also some important functions arranged compactly. For example, a community system that can exchange experience with other players and a friend function that can play online with friends.

As a 3D life adventure simulation game, IMVU not only has exquisite 3D modeling, but also contains a lot of interesting play methods. Although its risk-taking part and synthetic UI have not yet been polished completely, when you play “IMVU”, you will involuntarily indulge in the cycle of playing strange, fostering and building. In this highly free 3D horizontal world, you can play as you like.

Apex Legends : a new era of shooting game

Apex Legends uses many settings of the rebirth studio’s masterpiece “Titan Fall 2”, but the shrinking safety zone and only one team laughing until the final winning mechanism are enough to show that its essence is still a standard real time shooting game.

Apex Legends is divided into different professions, each profession has different skills, including a passive skill, a tactical skill and a unique skill, different skills, different positioning in the battlefield. Bloodhounds with detection and vision acquisition and high moving speed are better suited to be scouts and to be at the forefront of the team, while “lifelines” as team nurses are better suited to be in the middle of the team and protected by front and back teammates.

Although every profession has skills, the main battle of Apex Legends still depends on guns. Most of the skills can only play a supporting role, and only a few skills are offensive. Of course, if you use these skills properly, you can make up for the technical gap between you and your opponents to a large extent. For example, the tactical skills of the hero Bangalore can be quickly covered with smoke on the battlefield, the absolute skill of the Bloodhound can see the footprints of the opponent through the smoke, if it can be used together, it can become the “king of mixed smoke”, the effect is comparable to the plug-in.

apex legends

Apex Legends currently does not have a single-row model. If you want to play, you have to form a three-person team, maybe it’s “1 + 2” (two people driving black + one-way person), maybe it’s three strangers, or maybe it’s three people driving black. If matched to passers-by, it is very likely to encounter the situation that the other side does not have wheat (in fact, there are quite a lot of such self-closing streamers). At this time, we should praise the communication system of the game, especially the design of the mouse wheel which can mark the enemy, equipment and position with one button. It is an interactive artifact. Even if we don’t say a word, we can get the desired information from our teammates. However, in emergency situations, voice communication is more accurate and efficient.

Compared with PUBG and Fortnite, the pace of Apex Legend is much faster. This rhythm variation is caused by a variety of factors, first of all, the game map. At present, there is only a map like “King’s Canyon” in the game. The size of the map is very small, which dooms the players to have fewer choices and many people are forced to fight when they land. Fighting is also one of the main means to promote the rhythm of shooting games, so the probability of “Apex” landing in boxes is also high. Additionally, the players of the same team will not scatter landing, most of them choose to embrace, so there are more people in the same resource point. To earn quickly resource such as apex coins, you should consider of a working Apex Legends coins generator – it will help you collect free apex coins instantly in all platforms including ps4 and xbox.

Because the map is not big, so the game is not equipped with any vehicles, the whole journey depends on running. If you’re a veteran shooting game player, you’ll know that when faced with fast moving vehicles, you simply can’t burn up much desire to attack, because the success rate is too low, and when faced with opponents who use foot running circles, the fight must be fought. If you don’t fight, you’ll be stolen from the front and behind, and you’ll be blocked out of the circle. Apex legends has to travel by foot all the way. The chance of encounter is much higher, and the rhythm is quickened a little.

At the same time, the game is also using some settings to constantly accelerate the pace, such as high resource area settings. In other shooting games, although there are also high resource areas, but often many, which also causes the players landing point is not concentrated. But “Apex legends” is different. At the beginning of each game, a resource point will be selected on the map to become a high resource area, and marked with a large aperture. There will be a complete set of equipment in the point, which will inevitably attract a large number of players to land at this point, so that the battle scale will be upgraded again. In addition, the game also has an airship full of materials, the effect is similar to that of high-resource areas.

Things you should know about Pixel Gun 3D in 2019

The background of Pixel Gun 3D is set in the pixel operation. Players can participate in the pixel army that launched the operation and fight for the other players online; they can also join the Central Group Pixel Army to resist the red steel torrent.

Before a battle begins, we can build up the overall structure of the pixel troops according to our personal preferences. For example, I like to use artillery, bombard enemy positions, and then let infantry attack. Then I’ll consider bringing more artillery and supply trucks. When the battle begins, we need to send our pixel troops from the rear of the battlefield to the designated battle area. At this time, it reflects the importance of strategic depth: if we press the front into the depth of the battlefield, it is likely that the front will be too long and the follow-up support will not be in place and be attacked by the enemy.

In addition to the aforementioned encounter mode, the game also provides us with a new general mode. This model is like Total War. We will be promoted to general and experience pixel battle on the map on the scale of a group army. During the march of war chess, we can choose to fight automatically or personally command the troops under our jurisdiction, which returns to the method of encounter. But the biggest problem with this model is that there are many BUGs, and automatic combat often leads to game crashes. The main problem should be the presence of aircraft in combat, which makes the general model basically unplayable.


In order to keep the rhythm of the game as smooth as possible, the whole battle is divided into three stages: A, B and C. The number of pixel troops we can put into the battlefield at each stage is different. For example, if I plan to send IS-2 early, then this is the only one available for the whole battle. If IS-2 is deployed in stage B, or even in stage C, two or four will be available. This is more tactical flexibility than the previous one, which can only fix stage A to produce light weapons and stage B or C to launch heavy combat units.

And every time we mobilize our pixel troops on the battlefield, we need to consume some “call-up points”. The higher the combat unit, the more points it needs to recruit. Once the troops that spent a lot of money to recruit in the early stage suffer losses, the consequence we may have is that the follow-up troops are not enough to recruit points, and then the local front collapses.

In Pixel Gun 3D, there are two main factors that test our strategy, one of which is mutual restraint. The most obvious example is that when infantry meets machine guns, their fate will inevitably be quickly suppressed and killed; and when a skinny aircraft forcibly enters enemy airspace, it will also be shot down by various anti-aircraft weapons. This means that in battle, we must take every step with caution. The use of ground air defense forces, and air fighter cross-fire to grab air control. In the concealed terrain of our battlefield, we can also place anti-tank guns to prevent the enemy’s armored forces from advancing too fast, leading to the encirclement of the front forces.

And if we want to reorganize a team, we can’t assemble the most elite troops under our own leadership, they can only exist in a specific force. And the importance of officers is also reflected vividly in the game. They are mainly used for the construction of the command chain of the army. Once a complete command chain is formed, experience will be added to a certain range of specific arms. Thus, the Soviet assault group could use a large number of inexperienced infantry to cooperate with the assault of infantry officers. These infantry are cheap and numerous. You can use Pixel Gun 3D cheats to assist you when you out of resource. With the addition of officer BUFF, you can form considerable combat effectiveness.

It is worth mentioning that the multiplayer game server experience is not good. If you want to compete with other players, be sure to prepare the game accelerator in advance. The sudden end of multiplayer games, sometimes not entirely my network problem, it may also be the opponent pulled the line. But no matter what kind of accident drops, the system will judge my own game as negative, at this time can only consider themselves unfortunate.

Is it easy to add simple mode to dragon ball legends

One of the proponents of the simple model of dragon ball legends is that it’s not just a lot of simple models. What an easy thing to do, why not do it? In many people’s eyes, the so-called dragon ball legends simple model, in fact, remains in the concept of “numeralization”: the enemy’s injury blood volume is lower, the protagonist’s injury blood volume is higher, as if through this way they can free themselves from the “malicious” of the game and enjoy the fun of the game. However, since the development of video games, the design of game difficulty has always been a hot topic for developers to study and discuss, but one thing is certain: adjusting the difficulty through simple numerical changes will ultimately destroy the integrity of the game.

The earliest examples can be traced back to the arcade age in which video games originated. In the 1970s and 1980s when arcade games were popular, the difficulty of games was directly related to the income of the owners of arcade halls. At that time, developers designed difficulty options for the game, but unfortunately most players did not have the right to choose. Smart and cunning bosses usually quietly raise the difficulty of the game, and then sit in the corner laughing at a group of small fart children being smashed by computer AI fancy beatings, doubts about life, lose the last coin in their hands.

At that time, the difficulty design of most arcade games was basically a simple “numerical change”: mindless grotesque, changing enemy combination, changing enemy attack frequency, adjusting damage value and so on were simple and effective methods. Many difficult arcade games will have scenes that ordinary people can’t pass at all with the advance of the level. No matter how skilled the master is, he will inevitably lose his foot. This is also the designer reminding the player: “Don’t hit, it’s time to pay, the boss is not happy.”

With the weakening of the arcade, the arcade hall is no longer crowded and crowded. In order to retain more players, bosses will choose to lower the difficulty of the game. So many games that used to be so rare that they could even pass customs for one dollar, and even a simpler and more refreshing version of the magic version would appear. The children who had been hit by the spanking urine flow could finally spend a dollar on a cold and cool arcade hall for an afternoon. But ultimately, the “simple model” did not save the fate of the arcade machine being eliminated by the times.

With the development of science and technology, video games are becoming more popular and humanized. There are more archives for games, players are beginning to have blood, and designers are beginning to design more and more difficult choices for games. But in fact, the so-called “simple mode” of many games today is still a rough numerical change: high-difficulty players have to face the rain of bullets and experience nine deaths; while low-difficulty players like walking in the park, the background and story of the game seems absurd.

Specifically talking to dragon ball legends, the rough “simple mode” will seriously damage the overall design of the game. For example, the protagonist dragon legend is positioned as Wukong , and he is good at stealth, assassination, eavesdropping and so on. The dragon ball legends really integrates these characteristics into the game: through these means, the player can avoid the enemy who does not want to provoke, or secretly solve the lonely enemy, or get some useful information, the player will feel the identity of the dragon legends. Once the game adds a rude “simple mode”, players do not need to take pains to deal with the game’s problems, all they need to do is to carry knife bushes on the street and machetes at the end of the street, then the legend hero has completely changed from a normal fighter to an “unparalleled generals”. Not only does it have no sense of substitution, but also stealth, assassination and eavesdropping on the systems carefully designed by the designers for the game are being ignored.

There are many similar designs in Dragon Ball Legends that can not be simplified, such as legend’s prosthetic limb system, which is the mercy of Miyazaki. Many functions of the prosthetic limb belong to “compassion for the end-of-the-road players”: axe prosthetic limb is used to break shields, fire prosthetic limb is used to burn red eyes, iron umbrella is used to deal with special difficulties, whistle is used to deal with grievances, and so on. In the game, the Weiming family has a trick of “quitting school”: falling thunder, calling thunder and lightning from the sky to the players. Whether Xuan Yilang or his heart will use this powerful killing tactic in the final stage. At this time, the player is in a very critical situation, regardless of his state or spirit. Once he fails to deal with the thunder, his previous efforts will be discarded. And the designer also left the back for the player again, instead of creating Dragon Ball Legends Hack, “Flash Hit” is designed to restrain the killing tactic of the reed family. Players follow the tips to make “Flash Hit” can not only avoid injury, but also directly make the BOSS straight. This design echoes back and forth is also very exciting.

But imagine, when Dragon Ball Legends has a simple model, will these designs still be used? I think for Miyazaki, who has always been rigorous, killing would not allow Dragon Ball Legends to have such a soulless game experience.

Competitive Way of Empires and Puzzles Games

Following SLG in the past few years, puzzle games have become a new blue sea in the field of games. China has 300 million puzzle fans and 200 million E-sports players. As puzzle rpg becomes more and more popular in China, they are all potential users of such games. Apart from “Street Puzzle” in its early years, there has not been a puzzle rpg game with enough dominance in the domestic market. According to the present quality and future prospects, “Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest” has the possibility of becoming a new breakout point.

As a congenital puzzle rpg game with the attribute of electronic competition, there is almost no threshold between rpg puzzle game and electronic competition. Previously, in the era of “Empires & Puzzles”, the official annual national league tournament can attract a large number of players to participate in and concern, and has gradually become professional and professional in several years. In Tencent’s own system, TGA has grown into the largest comprehensive competition in China, and its existence also provides a certain development space for the series.

Tencent announced the establishment of Tencent Telecom Competition two years ago, forming a pan-entertainment matrix alongside its downstream traditional fields of play, literature, film and television, and animation. Just a few days ago, Tencent said it would invest 1 billion yuan in a year to ensure that its works can maintain a leading position in the competitive market. In the electronic competition, especially in the domestic electronic competition system, “Empires & Puzzles” which relies on Tencent system behind it is easier to get rapid development and rise.

Last year, the Puzzle League and the 2K E-Sports League jointly announced the establishment of the “Puzzle RPG” E-Sports League. Seventeen clubs have joined the league and formed teams to play regular and playoff games in the “Puzzle RPG” world. The 17 clubs include two of the league’s biggest warriors and knights. At this year’s Tencent UP2018 conference, the government also said that the game will open the way to professional electronic competition. Compared with MOBA or FPS, “Empires & Puzzles” undoubtedly has a broader way to compete and is easier to connect with real sports.

Whether it’s for the whole category of puzzle games or Empires & Puzzles itself, it’s the general trend to move closer like e-sports. Unlike the huge competition market, the domestic puzzle game market is still in the stage of development. This is the opportunity of Empires & Puzzles and the biggest challenge facing the game.

However, compared with the previous works, in addition to the simple improvement in the sales, this “Empires & Puzzles RPG” is indeed more perfect, more comprehensive, more suitable for a mature project. On the basis work of the Empires and Puzzles Cheats, the game has been properly optimized in various modes, and significant progress has been made in playing and operating levels. More importantly, the game still maintains a hard core feel and competitive thinking, which is the basis for its competitive development.

Compared with the annual single-machine series, “Empires and Puzzles” is still very young, the nature of online games also destined that this series will dominate the long-term operation, update speed can not be comparable to single-machine. Now that the game has not been deleted, we may not be able to accurately predict its future, but in this sports game category is still in the blue sea time, the emergence of Empires and Puzzles RPG game is not too early, nor too late.